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Little Sister of Rapture

Little Sister of Rapture Sean and I have talked on many occasions about our love for the video game BioShock (2007). We've played the story countless times, devoting hours and hours of gameplay to get all the achievements and discover little unnecessary elements and... Continue Reading →


Black Out

For this week's blog post I chose the prompt that required me to black out text until I was left with a poem. The final poem, a piece taken from Herman Melville's Moby Dick, reads as follows: A light to see... Continue Reading →

DC Trip Location Based Narrative

DC Trip Told Through Pictures For this assignment, Sean and I chose to create a walk-through of our recent DC trip using Instagram. We chose this location because it's so interesting and fun to see all the monuments, museums, and... Continue Reading →

Tea Stains

For this week's journal entry prompt, I chose the page that asks you to analyze what you see in a tea stain on a piece of paper. My mind immediately saw a pair of lungs in the stain. Since the nature of... Continue Reading →

Draw a Map of Your Week

The journal prompt I chose this week asks me to draw a map of my typical week. Because I am a college student, my weeks are pretty repetitive and boring. My MWF plans change slightly based on night class on Wednesdays... Continue Reading →

Copy a Favorite Sentence

The prompt I chose for this week has a simple set of directions. I'm supposed to copy a sentence in the middle of the page, write two sentences leading up to it and after it, and then go back to... Continue Reading →

Adoption Adventures by Allie and Justine The vision for this project was simple: to re-enact a situation one might encounter at an animal shelter. We (Allie and I) came up with multiple responses and choices to help the reader effectively... Continue Reading →

Slaying My Fears

For this week's prompt, centered on Interactive Narrative, I chose the "Slay your Fears" creative essay. Most of my fears are rational, "oh-shit-I'm-about-to-graduate" type fears. Others stem from my insectophobia (spiders and stink bugs are the worst of the worst) or... Continue Reading →

Remix – Old and New

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