For this week’s blog post I chose the prompt that required me to black out text until I was left with a poem. The final poem, a piece taken from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, reads as follows:

A light to see nothing, turn up all hands and resting for the rush. This whale, wonderful experience,  and invincible confidence. Well as his probable rate whose general trading he well knows, does the fisherman, darkness established. As the hunter’s wondrous skill, the mighty iron of the railway is that of a deep, acuteness end. Subtile matters touching the ship tore on; this swift motion of launch spine-wise on the sea. The mad fiend himself is your blood, a water-gate upon the stream. Old wine worked whatever pale fears some of them might have felt before.


I’ve seen black-out poems such as this one before on sites like Tumblr and Instagram and I’ve always thought they were an interesting way to unknowingly collaborate with someone to create something new. The poems that can be pulled out of a regular full page of text are usually very impactful, beautiful and creative. I posted some of my favorites at the end of this post. Not only a way to collaborate, but also remix something by taking parts of the old text and turning it into something different. I’m considering using this type of digital writing for my final project because it does have an element of personality from what I choose to black out (and not black out) and create a new meaning from a handful of text.