For this week’s journal entry prompt, I chose the page that asks you to analyze what you see in a tea stain on a piece of paper.


My mind immediately saw a pair of lungs in the stain. Since the nature of a stain like this is pretty organic, I think it’s innate that I saw some sort of human anatomy like the lungs. Racking my brain for other ideas, I also obviously was reminded of those ink-blot tests that psychiatrists use. While I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of those ink-blot tests are for, I assume it’s to make sure a patient isn’t plagued with horribly insane thoughts. Thankfully for me I’d probably pass that test.

Lastly I saw the desert in the stain. The brown colored tinge of the paper towel gave me vibes of an arid desert scorching in the hot hot heat. I imagined a snake weaving through the sand, minding it’s own business and looking for some relief from the sun for a moment.

While my imagination didn’t run insanely wild with this, I think I drew upon some pretty cool inspirations. I like to do thought-provoking exercises like these (look at blank, what do you see?), it takes something I wouldn’t normally think about using for ideas and forces me to. In terms of turning this into a digitally-accessed idea, I think it’d be really cool to turn this into a flash-supported interactive medium where you control a tea bag yourself, set it on a digital piece of paper, and make your own stain patterns. From there, other people could draw inspiration from their own images to help relieve stress, mental blocks, or just to create something new.