DC Trip Told Through Pictures


For this assignment, Sean and I chose to create a walk-through of our recent DC trip using Instagram. We chose this location because it’s so interesting and fun to see all the monuments, museums, and food here. The story we layered on top of it is our own recollection of what we did in the six hours we had to spend here. For me, it was more special because this was my first time ever visiting the nation’s capital.

We used the digital technology of Instagram to reveal our story because not only can you see what we saw (through the pictures we posted) but also read how we were feeling at the moment with the captions, and have the ability to scroll through seamlessly to follow along with our day. It’s as if the person interacting with the account was there with us. In addition, we tagged each of us in some of the pictures so others can even go to our own personal accounts and see other DC pictures we took. We also added the location tags to each picture, so the user can go into that tag and see all the other images(stories) people have contributed to that same space. Even so, they could find pictures of that place on the very same day we were there, where we could possibly have been photographed in the background.

From the feedback we received I learned that a lot of people have stories connected to this physical place. Again, this was my first time in the capital and apparently I was in the minority. It was really good to hear that other people could relate to our experiences and that it triggered memories of their own (good and bad). If we could revise/expand our project, I’d love to include all the pictures everyone else on this trip took on this day. In each, they would also include their own personal tag and location tag, but the caption would be different to reflect what they were feeling/doing at this time. So far, this was my favorite exercise in Digital Writing. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s location-based narratives and feeling through a physical space in their eyes.