The journal prompt I chose this week asks me to draw a map of my typical week. Because I am a college student, my weeks are pretty repetitive and boring. IMG_2025My MWF plans change slightly based on night class on Wednesdays and if I go out/somewhere for the weekend on Friday, but are pretty much all the same. Same goes for TuTh plans, they are usually the same except on Tuesdays I also have a Finer Things club meeting. The toss up days are Saturday and Sunday, where anything goes. Usually, my friends and I find something to do, and if not, end up getting drunk most weekends.

To turn this into a location-based narrative I think it would be easy to pin the points down of where I go during the week on campus. Spots like Owen Library, Biddle Hall, Blackington Hall, the Living Learning Center, and the Student Union could be mapped out and described through my eyes as a full-time student. The narrative could get interesting when presented with weekend plans, as the user could choose what happens next (incorporating location based narrative with interactive) and where I go. I think it would be cool to create this in an app that requires the user to walk to these specific places to further the story, and so would only be available to UPJ students/faculty/people on campus. Campuses are probably the best areas to play location-based narratives on because of the easy markers of buildings and statues/points of interest, which is what made Pokemon Go! so popular here.