The prompt I chose for tIMG_1999his week has a simple set of directions. I’m supposed to copy a sentence in the middle of the page, write two sentences leading up to it and after it, and then go back to cross the original sentence out. The sentence I chose to originally write is “No Gods or kings, only man.” This sentence is found in the video game Bioshock, and has a major plot importance. The founder of Bioshock uses this principle to build his city underwater, away from government and religion found on the surface. I took that inspiration to create my other four sentences (although I kind of cheated and included 3 prior sentences). This is one of my favorite video games ever, and if it could happen, I would love to see this story adopted into a movie. Even so, on the topic of interactive fiction, this game could be adopted into only the narrative and put into Inklewriter. The reader could play through the narrative found in the game, but without the objectives and running around a physical map. The narrative would still be crazy to play through as there is a twist at the end!