Adoption Adventures by Allie and Justine

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The vision for this project was simple: to re-enact a situation one might encounter at an animal shelter. We (Allie and I) came up with multiple responses and choices to help the reader effectively choose what they wanted to do in this situation. We also wanted to take this as an opportunity to raise awareness about pet adoption.

We started with the Steal Like an Artist Prompt that made you diagram a conversation. We started out with the pet adoption conversation, and took to Inklewriter to execute the conversation in a way that was interactive. After messing around with the program, we effectively figured out how to add multiple options that circled back to earlier points in the story and add images of the pets to accompany their descriptions. After reading some good points from our classmates, we found our narrative to work well with the design and visual choices we made. With including pictures, our classmates felt that they had a deeper connection to the animals and therefore could interact more with the narrative. We also felt that we engaged in restricting the user with our responses in a way that was effective, not detrimental to the story, which our classmates also agreed with. All in all, our interactive narrative seemed to have a satisfying storyline and also have enough reader participation to be effective in terms of interactivity.