For this week’s prompt, centered on Interactive Narrative, I chose the “Slay your Fears” creative essay. Most of my fears are rational, “oh-shit-I’m-about-to-graduate” type fears. Others stem from my insectophobia (spiders and stink bugs are the worst of the worst) or from watching scary movies too much. img_1956

Others on the list include failure, eternal debt, homelessness, wasting the small amount of time I have on this Earth doing nothing, really bad thunder and lightening storms, never finding a significant other, embarrassing myself in public, running into exes, the demon from Insidious, joblessness, letting people down, and the depths of the ocean (but also kind of interested).

Taking the time to “cross each one out as if slaying a dragon with a sword” was oddly satisfying. It felt like I could really overcome these fears, even just for a moment with my red Sharpie. To turn this into a piece of Interactive Narrative seems really interesting to me. If I was better with programming, I would love to create some sort of creepy-horror filled space with all my fears suffocating the reader. To get past each, the user would have to read and choose whether to run away or face each fear in real life situations. At the end, depending on choices made, the fears would either gather to create an entire fear-entity that follows you forever, or conquering the fears turns the reader into a new person, changed from metamorphosis of overcoming such fears. However, to create something of this scale seems to be out of my hands and would require a lot of time. Instead, I’m thinking about creating a tree structure with similar fear elements.