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For this remix project, Sean and I decided it would be interesting to take new genres of music, movies, and TV and blend them with their older counterparts. The old styles inherently inspire and helped shape the music, movies, and TV shows that we watch today.

While this is a remix of pictures themselves, the new counterpart is also a “remix” of the old one. It’s taking the same ideas or principles and changing it in a way to not exactly be a copy of the original. We maintained originality in our own remix by simply making a comment on how some of these mash-ups are insanely similar, wether that was an intended effect or not. For example, the Adele and Aretha Franklin cover art are both sepia-toned straight-on head shots. Both artists are widely known for their amazing vocals as well. The Chaka Khan and Janelle Monae album covers both use the same color palette, and the James Brown and Bruno Mars covers both highlight the main singer figure with a limited background or use of text.

The old and new movie posters definitely had intended similarities (they’re only remakes), but with those types of mash-ups it’s easier to see how advertisements for movies and shows have to change over time. For example, the King Kong and Godzilla mash-ups. It is clear that the Godzilla (both old and new) is displayed as an ominous, looming figure, but with the new advertisement the danger that the monster causes is much more apparent.

I hope that this creatively inspires some thought about how the old influences still matter and are important to artists today. With this mash-up remix of pictures, I know that others could compare their favorite musical artist or movie to some sort of earlier influence.