The first three memes are ones I created; the last was created by another student using my text.

Complete originality in the digital age can be hard to come by. The internet is huge, obviously, and if something could be created it probably already is. That’s why remixing is important to artistic contribution. While remixing can be funny, using these memes as an example, it can also be very complex to put two pieces together that are different. There can be a comment about society to be made or focusing on a certain situation.

I was influenced by my peers with what I was given to work with. My peers had a lot of serious quotes, which made it difficult to create memes at first. However, using the less-serious photos with the quotes made the memes funnier and easier to write.

I think I was able to inspire my peers with lyrics that could have been used to fit a variety of situations. “Come on boy lets go,” for example, could be used for both serious and funny memes. I also tweeted out a spongebob still of a fish that could be easily paired with a good quote to create an exceptionally funny meme. The contributions I consciously made to #upjremix were so I could help my peers also create memes easily.

I maintained originality by pairing specific quotes with pictures that no one else combined to make the same meme concoction. While somewhat random and also partly intentional (if that makes sense), I created original memes by using content that was not original to anyone in particular.

In mashup culture, creativity just means taking something that already exists and pairing it with other things, either alike or different, to make something new. This creation can be funny, serious, nonsense, brilliant, stupid, or anything else the creator desires. While technically the ingredients are not an original substance, the recipe creates a dish that is entirely new.