For whatever reason, this week has been particularly bad for me. It’s around the time of midterms and I’ve been particularly stressed out. Taking some time to reflect on myself, I filled out the “describe what you do in six words.”At first I just describe myself, a girl who paints. Then I get into who I am, a geeky-type person. Similarly is “I am a girl and gamer.”  Then I get into “I help” and finish with “myself more than anyone,” which is true. Sometimes getting through my day is tough and I need to help myself mentally. The last two are what really meant a lot to me. Today I did not drink any coffee. This might be the first day I haven’t drank coffee (on a weekday) in over a month. Coffee is truly my life blood. However, even though it is currently snowing outside, it must be iced. Hot/Warm coffee is absolutely disgusting to me unless I’m in a seriously strange mood for it.

img_1902I’m sure the coffee does not help the stress; but hey, I have a small caffeine dependency at this point. I blame college. I’ve always wanted to get into cold brews and french presses, but I haven’t had the time to dive into those new ventures yet. My favorite iced coffee is the kind where I make coffee from a Keurig K Cup, stick it in the fridge for a while, then pour it into my favorite glass skull cup over ice and vanilla creamer. I used to browse coffee blogs and even found inspiration in coffee photography; coffee is a serious part of my life.