img_1872Feet of UPJ Collab Project

The idea for this project stemmed from a similar project from Danny Devito. He takes pictures of his bare foot with celebrities and random places he’s visiting. Adopting that idea, we decided to take pictures of our (the individual group member’s) feet as well as other students that go to UPJ. The format includes the picture, the names of the people’s feet, the date of the picture, the location, and one sentence describing what was going on at that moment in time.

My contribution to the group includes bringing in not only different areas of campus that may have not been otherwise photographed but also different people’s/friend’s feet that are included in the pictures. By being able to bring these different elements in, viewers can get a better sense of campus and what we do on a daily basis.

Collaboration was important on this project. I definitely could not have done it alone. While my group members helped by also collaborating their ideas and pictures to the overall blog project, classmates that gave us helpful suggestions also helped us redesign our project and make cleaner edits. Collaboration, even if it is just someone looking at your work and suggesting new ideas, really helps shape a work into something better than it ever could have been just on your own. The only real obstacles we (the group) and I faced were coming with an initial idea and getting started. The other obstacle is of course the uncertainty that the group members will come through with their part of the project.

Feet of UPJ was a fun collaborative project that lets us, the group, see where we were in this moment and time and who we were with. In a couple years, we can look back at this and reminisce on the project.