Inspired by this piece, I see a person who is trying to make themselves up of what is seen in their reflection. But some pieces can’t be finalized. “I have not found myself yet” is the perfect description of what the feeling I get from this piece of art. The main pieces of the puzzle that are missing are the face. While that might be unintentional, I’d like to think it is intentionally left out. The face is the part of the human body that is most expressive and the biggest defining trait of who we are: our eyes, lips, nose, hair, freckles, etc. Without showing the face, it’s harder to define ourselves.

The way this photo is put together, as pieces of a puzzle that make up a whole person, is also interesting. In the background a tripod and metal folding chair peeks through. This is where I interpret the person was sitting when the picture was taken. This also contributes to the theme of not finding oneself. Clearly, at some point in time this person was sitting in this chair and had his picture taken. But since we do not have all the pieces, we do not know exactly where this room is or what the reasoning behind the picture is either.

I have not found myself yet,” but I’m getting there. Most of the pieces are put together to form a cohesive and functional human being. The final, most important pieces are not developed yet. That’s O.K.

Tweet credit: @RunicKitten

Photo artist credit: Paul Sepuya