I  recently have been offered an amazing travel opportunity for this summer. I accepted right away before remembering that I should probably confirm with my parents that it’s O.K. This led to a phone call that I was hesitant to make.fullsizer

I called my mom instead of my dad because I knew she’d be able to help answer more of my questions (she’s the go-to parent). I started the conversation outlining the travel opportunity I was presented with, which includes going to Thailand and Japan for a month this summer. At first she was hesitant about traveling instead of immediately finding a job after graduation, but after some convincing points I made about the once in a lifetime opportunity, she came around to agreeing that I should go. We discussed travel arrangements, my need for a passport, expenses, etc. until she ultimately wished me the best in my travel endeavors.

I ended the call and began online researching some more about flights, things to do, and places to eat. This led to almost five hours of watching travel vlogs on YouTube which include some cute ones from SoothingSista, Noodlerella, and AbsentAbroad. I contemplated buying a camera to vlog my travels as well, so I could easily show my friends and family all the places I’ll visit and things I’ll get to do. Vlogging my travels seems like an easier option than making sure I have enough space on my phone/camera for pictures, and also remembering to take pictures of everything. I’m still contemplating whether or not I’ll do this, but vlogging my experience is certainly a new way to document traveling.