Can someone really be an “overnight” success? Maybe in a couple days, sure. But one singular day to achieve massive success seems a bit much. I took the time to research some so-called “overnight success” stories (to my horrible dismay). Of course, this led to feeling bad about myself and my measly accomplishments I’ve made in my 21 years of life.

My handwriting is the definition of chicken-scratch.

I found a list of success stories and read a few before getting pulled into the cute story of Moziah Bridges, who was only when he started his business, now worth $150,000. As a boy, he realized that the little boy’s department seriously lacked bowtie options. As a suave young guy, he liked wearing bowties along with his suits (this kid dresses better than I do, too). And so the chain begins – he started sewing his own bowties with his grandma, which were bought from family members, who then spread the word about Mo’s Bows. He eventually created his own Etsy and Facebook to sell bows online to a bigger audience.

He went on Sharktank and expanded even more. Now he has boutiques in Texas, South Carolina and Tennessee. He also has his own website. (I just looked at the prices of these bowties – $50?! Am I insane or is that exxxxpensive? I know nothing about bowties though) And again, while not necessarily overnight, owning his own business at 9 years old is certainly a success.

That list talks about a handful of other kids, younger than 15, that had success stories. In turn, this made me think about an overnight success I could’ve had myself. Before sites like Etsy and Society6 ever existed, I tried selling my own paintings on MySpace. Of course, I was still young and my artistic skills were meh, but I could’ve peddled my garbage off to friends and family. I gave up too fast to make that dream a reality, though, and MySpace quickly died soon after anyway.

An overnight success seems overrated. If a company or business “peaks” too soon with their success, won’t it ultimately fail as fast as it became popular? Maybe just regular success is the better option.