For my first Digital Writing post, I decided to write through the 10 Pseudonyms prompt. Each name reflects my personality in a different way, and I think readers/consumers would have a difficult time figuring out my real identity from the pseudonyms above. Below I will rank my pseudonyms from least likely to use to most likely, and where the inspiration came from:

10. Brothel Goblin – honestly this name was a gamertag I played against and I thought it was hilarious. While an effectively mysterious pen name, I doubt I would actually use this.

9. Octuple Rapier – a computer-generated gamertag that I was given by Microsoft upon signing up on my friend’s Xbox. I had to re-read this about five times to understand what they gave me; I had no idea what a rapier was until googling.


8. Elizabeth Steinman – a combination of my middle name and a Bioshock character. Steinman was a crazy plastic surgeon, and while memorable, also creepy.

7. Elizabeth Rosie – a combination of my middle name and another Bioshock character. Rosie, a type of Big Daddy in the game, is a huge behemoth that also carries a “rivet” gun (Rosie the Riveter!). While awesome, this name is not my first choice.

6. Big Rosie – same explanation for “Elizabeth Rosie”

5. Elizabeth Venus – my middle name and the goddess of love. Venus is my favorite goddess and makes her way into many names I created for myself.

4. Elizabeth Atlas – middle name and Bioshock character Atlas, which is also a greek Titan known for holding up the sky.

3. Venus Edessa – same explanation for “Elizabeth Venus,” but Edessa is also a city in Greece

2. Unusual Aphrodite – a mix of my favorite goddess and an excerpt from one of my favorite quotes by Lydia Deetz, “I myself am strange and unusual.” This also happens to be my PlayStation Network name.

1. Elizabeth Snow – my middle name with the “Snow” last name, inspiration taken from the HBO Show Game of Thrones. While also sounding like a legitimate name, it connects to my favorite character Jon Snow. This would be the pseudonym I would most likely use.