My Tuesdays are always the worst. I have class pretty much the entire day, with very little breaks in between. It’s also the day that I have to wake up the earliest. This Tuesday morning of course was particularly cold. I dragged myself out of bed to change and get ready for the long, boring day ahead of me. I packed up my books and started my walk from Willow Hall to Biddle.

 The walk isn’t long, about three minutes, but I was dead tired. I barely made it to my 9:30 class on time. I forced my eyelids open during the entire lecture and made a stop at Jazzman’s to grab coffee before my next class, hoping to wake myself up a little and have a productive day.

 My next few classes were boring as hell. I couldn’t wait for this day to be over. I found myself constantly checking my watch and my phone, praying for time to pass quicker. My second to last class of the day is Digital Humanities, which is one of my more fun classes. I walked into class and logged in to the computer. Shortly after, James and Matt walked in and took their seats. I noticed that Ron didn’t show up to class, which was weird since James and Ron are usually together, but I didn’t question it. Class carried on as usual.

 After Digital Humanities was over, I went to my final class of the day. Things were looking up and time was picking up it’s pace. This long, dreary day was finally ending, I could see the light at the end of this boring tunnel! I started to daydream about getting dinner, watching TV, and playing Xbox until I had to wake up for classes tomorrow. At this point I was totally disconnected from class. My professor’s voice was just background noise at this point. I snuck my phone into my lap and noticed that I received an unexpected text from my mom. I read it quickly:

“Make sure you check your mailbox today”

Of course, she texts me this now, when my class doesn’t end until 4:50 and the mailroom closes at 5. I looked at my watch, which now said 4:30. Great, another 20 minutes and then I’m sprinting out of here to get to the mailroom. I have no idea what she could be sending me but I was hoping it’d be cash (wishful thinking). I subconsciously started tapping my foot and playing with my pen in anticipation.

 The hand of my watch clicked to 4:50. I picked up my backpack, threw the strap onto my shoulder and ran out the door. My last class is in Biddle so at least I was close to the Student Union. I leaped down the steps and out the door to make my way down the little hill on the side of Biddle and reach the back doors of the Union. I ran down the steps to my mailbox, reaching inside to find the little slip of paper that indicates I have a package waiting for me. I ran around the corner to see Ron also walking towards the mailroom entrance. He was messing around with something, so I went in front of him and handed over my slip. I got my package and started to walk away when I heard the mailroom tell Ron that they were closed for the day. I felt bad, of course, but I also was looking forward to getting my package after such a lame day.

 I walked towards the doors leading out to the front of the Union when I felt someone push me into the side hall with the bathrooms….. – Ron?