Concrete Jungle by Justine Bennett

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I recently created a google maps essay to show where I went on my trip to New York City. I went with my boyfriend and some other guy friends on a bus trip funded by the college I attend (UPJ). This is my first and so far only trip to NYC but I had an amazing time. In my google maps essay you will see pictures I took at each stop and even the exact places we went to. I explain our thought processes as to why we picked to go to certain places because, really, this entire trip was very spontaneous. None of us have gone to NYC so we heavily relied on our phone GPS and natural instinct of direction to help us get around.

While I loved this trip we were only in the city for about 10 hours which is obviously not enough time to do everything we each wanted. Primarily we hung around Times Square and the streets around it, including Bryant Park.

So please, I really encourage you read through and see the city through my eyes with this google maps essay. Be sure to look at my own personal pictures and read the locations Google found for certain restaurants and stores!